1.  Just who is Flyin Phil and why this website ?
My real name is Philip Kineyko.  Flyin Phil is who I am
known as on many amusement park "fan" websites
and forums; basically my Screen Name.

I have shot thousands of aerial photos and have
always wanted to categorize and display them so
everyone can enjoy them as much as I do....thus, the
creation of
Flyin Phil's Photos, where only the best of
my photos are displayed...

Now online since
February 2006

2. What type of aircraft do you fly ?
A high wing, singe engine, 1964 Cessna 172 Skyhawk,
retrofitted with a Lycoming O-360 180 hp engine,
yielding a cruising speed of 135 mph.

3. When did you get your pilot's license ?
After graduating college in January 1994, I began
flight training at
Lincoln Park airport in northern
New Jersey.  I soloed in 6 hours and obtained my
license after another 55 or so, a little over a year
after I began my training.

4. What altitude do you fly when shooting photos ?
Generally, between 1,000 and 2,000 feet for most
of my photo shoots.  To obtain a near vertical shot,
though, I will climb to 3,000+ feet.

5. Is it very expensive to fly ?
Yes and No, depending on your priorities.  As far as
costs, aviation fuel is currently between $5.00 and
$6.00 per gallon and the engine burns 10 gallons per
hour at speed of about 135 mph (assuming no wind is
present).  Also, I usually fly between 50 & 75 hours
per year.  In addition, a required annual inspection is
about $2,500 and the airport tie-down fee is $1,000
annually.  Also, just like a car, there is insurance
costs, and this is about $1,200 per year.
I'll let you do the math !!!

6. What camera do you use to shoot your photos ?
I now use a Canon SX20 IS with 12.1 MP and 20X
optical zoom, though I used four other cameras
previously which you can read about on my
Talk page.  Simply scroll down to the Photography
section when you get there.

7. I see you shoot many photos of amusement
parks....Are you affiliated with any ?
True, I do shoot many photos of amusement parks
and that's because I enjoy them very much, as well
as their selection of roller coasters.  To answer the
question, though, No....I have no affiliation
whatsoever with any of them.

8. Do you ever take anyone else along when you fly ?
Yes...My Dad and/or wife join me most of the time
and I take an occasional friend flying as well.  My
photo shoots are generally part of a normal flying
day on a weekend with nice weather.

9. Will you take me with you on your next photo shoot
if I pay you in advance ?
Sorry, but insurance and licensing requirements
restrict me from accepting paying passengers.  In
addition, I really don't want the added responsibility.

10. Do you have a website affiliation program ?
Yes, simply click HERE and select which banner you
would like to place on your website. Then send me an
email letting me know this and I will in turn place a
link to your website on my
Links of Interest page.
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1. Can I simply print your photos myself ?
Please don't.  And because of the text watermark
and graphic in the lower-left hand corner of the
photo, the prints will not look very attractive.

If you would like to use a photo (or video for that
matter) for personal, advertising or commercial
purposes, please visit my
Photo Licensing page.
You can also
Order Prints in many sizes and
finishes by clicking:
* Click HERE To Order Prints *
located in the upper-right corner of each gallery.

2. What kind of quality can I expect if and when I
decide to order prints ?
Your prints will be produced by a reputable online
facility specializing in Superior Photo Finishing.

3. Will my prints be delivered in a timely fashion ?
Yes...After your payment is forwarded to me via
PayPal, your prints should arrive within three to five

4. When I use PayPal to pay for my order, is my
credit card & personal information secure ?
Yes...PayPal is a reputable, online financial institution
that encrypts your credit card & personal
information, the same as most online retailers such
as Amazon.com, among others.